Olfa BSF-6B flexible scraper blades

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Pack of 6 pieces of OLFA BSF-6B flexible scraper blades to fit the OLFA XSR-200, XSR-300 and XSR-600 heavy duty floor, wall and glass scrapers, details of which are shown below. We also sell the standard and heavy duty versions of the scraper blades in our store.
The XSR series scrapers are designed for maximum scraping power and performance to handle a variety of tough removal jobs and feature the following benefits:

  • Non-slip rubber grip for added comfort and stability
  • Built-in durable steel strike tip for maximum striking power
  • Easy thumb-screw allows for no tool blade change and tightening
  • Includes blade cover for safety
  • Pre-loaded with BS dual-edge blade with sharp and blunt edges
  • Also works with BSF flexible scraper blades
  • For adhesives, coatings, epoxies, paint, roofing, and more