10 pieces of Olfa AB-10, 9mm Snap Off Blades, in protective tube with integrated disposal bin

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Olfa AB-10, 9mm segmented snap off blades in a plastic dispenser with integrated safety disposal bin.To fit the Olfa 180 Black, 180-BT/36, S, S/20, A, A-2, A-3, SVR-1, SVR-2, PA-2, 300, NA-1, SPC-1/40, A-5, XA-1, ES-1/green and DA-1.These will also fit all other types of retractable snap off handles such as the Stanley 0-10-095 Interlock, Stanley FatMax. These are razor sharp top quality blades and are perfect for scrapbooking, card making, quilting, hobbies, graphic arts and crafts.