30 pieces of Olfa LFB-5B, 18mm Excel Black Speed Blades, with fluorine coated cutting edge in protective tube

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30 pieces of Olfa LFB-5B, 18mm FLUORINE COATED Excel Black SPEED BLADES in plastic dispensers of 5 blades.

To fit all standard 18mm Olfa tools and to fit all other types of retractable 18mm snap off handles such as the Stanley Interlock, Stanley FatMax, Delphin 2004, Irwin. 

An improvement over the Excel Black ultra sharp blades, but with a flourine coating that drastically reduces drag and resistance when cutting, so the blade glides through faster.

Perfect for cutting through resistant materials such as cardboard, polystyrene foam, vinyl & textile wallpaper, caulk, silicone, carpet, etc