100 pieces of Olfa ABB-10B Excel Black, 9mm Snap Off Blades with integrated disposal bins, blister packed.

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10 x packs of Olfa ABB-10B, 9mm segmented snap off blades. 10 pieces per pack (100 blades in total) in protective plastic tubes. These are the Excell Black ULTRA SHARP version of the Olfa 9mm segmented blade. To fit the Olfa 180 Black, 180-BT/36, S, S/20, A, A-2, A-3, SAC-1, SVR-1, SVR-2, PA-2, 300, NA-1, SPC-1/40, A-5, XA-1, ES-1/green and DA-1.These will also fit all other types of retractable snap off handles such as the Stanley 0-10-095 Interlock. Razor sharp top quality blades, perfect for scrapbooking, card making, quilting, hobbies, graphic arts and crafts.