What makes Swann-Morton blades so good?

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Swann-Morton is perhaps best known as a manufacturer of surgical blades, but it’s that heritage that means their blades are excellent for art and craft knives.

A brief history

Swann-Morton boasts a proud history. Starting in the UK’s traditional heartland of steel production, Sheffield, the company began by manufacturing razor blades before specialising in surgical blades. It is also a pioneering company, while employee ownership might seem like a 21st century business model Swann-Morton was a pioneer, establishing an employee trust that part owned the company in the mid-1940s. Their products are made not by employees but by company owners with all the extra pride in their work that brings.

Blades made for precision and made to last

When you buy a Swann-Morton blade you are buying the precision and quality that comes with this heritage. While there are different standards for medical and art tools, it would be unusual to require the same level of sterility in an art knife, for example, the standards of the key part — the blade — are identical. If you are buying a Swann-Morton knife online you would often be hard-pressed to tell the difference between the surgical version and the art versions they produce. It’s often difficult to tell the difference when you have it in your hand because the differences are frequently only the materials used because the craft knife versions do not have to withstand repeated sterilisation.

Swann-Morton blades in use

The company’s pedigree in surgical tools translates easily to arts and craft. While the purposes might be very different the need for precision and comfort in use are the same in both. It also provides assurance when buying online. Swann-Morton range has been honed over years of experience to ensure their tools not only perform well but are well-balanced and comfortable for the most demanding of users. The handles, bearing the distinctive Swann-Morton logo, are carefully designed to ensure that instead of being an uncomfortable add-on to the blade, they blend in as an integral part of the tool so your focus is on the work and not an uncomfortable grip.

The robust design also means that maintenance is simple, with many of their handles initially designed for blades that need changing after a single use swapping blades is easy. Importantly, though, this does not mean blades aren’t secure. Instead, they are locked in place to sure there is absolutely no slippage in use, so even your most delicate and fragile work will be safe. The replaceable design also means your knife has a long lifespan and you can buy cheap Swann-Morton blades online.

Why you should use Swann-Morton

Swann-Morton have had a long and successful history providing specialist blades and, as such, perhaps don’t have the wider recognition their products deserve. However, buying them online means that Swann-Morton has a much wider audience and are much more affordable than when their products were only available through medical suppliers. Their product history makes them ideal for use in art where another set of demanding users will be able to see the benefits of their high-quality handles and blades.

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