Swann Morton

We supply the full range of Swann Morton knives, blades & associated products including Swann Morton scalpel handles & craft handles; Swann Morton non-sterile scalpel blades (carbon steel); Swann Morton sterile scalpel blades (carbon steel) & Swann Morton sterile surgical scalpel blades (stainless steel)

Swann-Morton are a very long-established company founded in Sheffield in 1932. They have grown to become a world leader in the manufacture & production of surgical blades, scalpels and handles. The name Swann Morton is known globally for the highest quality, high precision, excellent consistency and amazing reliability. This modern & progressive company combine the knowledge and experience of traditional blade making with the latest technology. Besides their Sheffield base, Swann-Morton also has two overseas subsidiaries - Swann-Morton/Sinner based in Peynier, France and J.K.Surgical based in Poznan Poland.