Swann Morton - world leaders in the manufacturing of surgical blades, scalpels & handles

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Swann-Morton are a Sheffield based company, founded in 1932 and have since become world leaders in the manufacturing of surgical blades, scalpels and handles. Their blades act as enabling tools for many professionals from all walks of life, as Swann-Morton offer consistency, reliability and cleverly combine their traditional blade making skills with the latest technologies. The main professionals consistently using Swann-Morton blades are Surgeons, Chiropodists and Podiatrists, Dentists and Veterinarians.

Surgeons and Swann-Morton

There are 34 blade shapes and 12 different handles made by Swann-Morton for their general Surgical Blade range. These blades are used throughout many types of theatres and practices, such as Cardiology, Orthopaedics and Reconstructive surgery units. Blade size and shape is chosen by the surgeon themselves. It is usually dependent on their expertise as to what enables them to be most flexible and dexterous in their specific field.


Chiropodists, Podiatrist and Swann-Morton

The preferred Swann-Morton products for Chiropodists and Podiatrists are the range of carbon or stainless steel sterile surgical blades which are ideally suited to them, both practically and hygienically. Often the Swann-Morton ‘Sabre’ is a Chiropodists choice of tool, with its unique shape and ‘closed’ cutting edge used for ‘paring’ and ‘scraping’. This enables both close, fine work, without gouging, leaving a smooth, rounded finish on the touched areas.


Dentists and Swann-Morton

Just like the Chiropodists and Podiatrists, Dentists appreciate the carbon and stainless steel sterile surgical blades for a reason. Dentists also use them to perform surgical techniques, including: implantology, labial fraenum, incising abscesses, periodontal surgery and raising skin flaps. The most popular Swann-Morton blade is No.15 because of its ideal blade shape making it perfect for the short, precise incisions which dentist need to make regularly, and amusingly, are the same size blades used for doing neurosurgery on rabbits.


Veterinarians and Swann-Morton

Again, Vets prefer to use carbon and stainless steel sterile surgical blades during surgery. The type and size of those blade do however vary, often due to the size of the animal and the medical problem, more so than the ability or experience of the vet. The versatility of the blades are apparent by reading the following:

  • Neurosurgery on a small animal eg Rabbit, would require a 15 or No.20 Swann-Morton surgical blade.
  • A skin Incision on a large animal eg Cow, would require a 22 Swann-Morton surgical blade.
  • Performing specialist vaginal surgery on a Horse would require a 3L or 4L Swann-Morton Handle.


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