GemRed Digital Angle Rule 200mm / 8" Long, Stainless Steel

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Manufactured in stainless steel this 2-in-1 folding rule is a tool with a big difference, having a digital readout of the angles. 200mm / 8” long this measures both the angle and length at the same time with a clear display and bold markings in both metric and imperial on the rules. The battery life is around 200 hours and is protected by auto shut down after 6 minutes. They have a clever auto-start of the digital read out which switches on as soon as you open the rule, saving time and messing about with buttons. A serious tool for any carpentry or setting out tasks. This tool will be also be extremely useful for engineers, draughtsmen, regrinding stations and saw doctors. TECHNICAL DETAILS: Battery voltage/type:3V/L lithium battery CR2032Dimensions:217x35x20mm (8.5" x 1.375" x 0.813")Range:±0-360°Resolution:0.5°