Flexcut Slip Strop PW12

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Flexcut Slip Strop, Flexcut part number PW12. Produced for honing and maintaining the edges on both the inside and outside of gouges and vee tools, the Flexcut SlipStrop consists of a complex moulding with two areas of leather and a bar of a specially developed honing compound. The compound is available separately for those wishing to use it on their existing strop. In use, the particular part of the moulding most suited to the chosen tool is rubbed crayon-like with compound and the tool stropped. A mirror finish is achieved quickly, and the resulting razor edge can be maintained by repeating the process many times before resharpening is required. Use for gouges and vee tools both inside and outside. For maintaining inside and outside of gouges and vee toolsTimber moulding with areas of leatherSupplied with bar of specially developed honing compoundMirror finish can be achieved quickly