The Proud Tradition of Sheffield’s Knife Supplying History

Posted by Chris Sugden on

Buy cheap replacement blades onlineAs early as the 14th century, Sheffield has been at the forefront of knife manufacturing. Here at Prime Tooling, we are proud to carry on the tradition of supplying high-quality knives and blades such as Olfa Rotary Cutters and Swann Morton Blades to people all around the world.

Sheffield’s knife supplying history has come a long way since first being recorded in “The Canterbury Tales” as a ‘Sheffield thwitel’ in the 1370s. Since the introduction of stainless steel during the Industrial Revolution, Sheffield has been known all over the world for supplying high-grade knives. From the discovery of the raw materials first used to make blades, such as coal and iron core, Sheffield has always been at the cutting edge of the knife manufacturing industry. Our Gr8 Pro Safety knives ensure this reputation stays intact. With their integral tape cutter and enclosed blade, these knives render the highest level of safety, showing just how far knife production has evolved. At Prime Tooling, we take pride in continuing what was established in the Steel City in the 1600s.

Continuing Sheffield’s legacy is important to every team member here at Prime Tooling. As knives have developed over time, so have our techniques and methods of production, guaranteeing we deliver the best products we can. Popular knives such as our Olfa Trimming Knife Blades show how far Sheffield’s knife production has developed since the basic thwitel of the 1400s. Unlike the conventional blades first made in our Steel City, Olfa Trimming Knife Blades are diverse, being used in construction, warehousing, graphic arts and DIY, just to name a few. With influential scientists such as Benjamin Huntsman (the inventor of cast-steel that is the basis of the materials we use today) hailing from our city, we want to continue legacies like his across the world. By shipping our knives worldwide at affordable costs to businesses, professional tradesmen and private individuals alike, we are striving to ensure that Sheffield continues to be known as the leading supplier of knives, and that Prime Tooling can continue this proud Sheffield tradition.  

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