Have you got the right tool for the job?

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Forget what you have heard about a good worker never blaming their tools. The fact is that when you don’t use the right tool for the job, you can risk disaster. And when you are using high-quality tools, it can transform tasks from a chore to a joy. We have a vast array of knives and blades for every job imaginable. So how do you choose the right tool for a job?

Research the task, and the right tools

If you aren’t an expert, then don’t worry. There are lots of experts and many are happy to share their expertise. If you are tackling a job you have never done before, or have to do something different, and you just want to check, then you will be able to find out with a quick search. This is especially helpful when it comes to using knives and blades since they are often designed with specific tasks in mind. Just because you have used a blade to cut one material, it might not be the best blade for something else.

Many professionals will have a range of knives and blades they switch between depending on the task in hand. Some of this will be a matter of personal preference. but much will be down to the blade design, and a simple check will help you find the right blade.

Plan your task

Having rejected one adage, one that is worth remembering is ‘measure twice, cut once’. But this isn’t just about cutting, it’s about the whole project, big or small. The more thought you put into the planning and thinking through what you want to achieve the easier and more successful it is likely to be.

This doesn’t mean you have to have a written step-by-step plan for everything you do, but thinking about how you will complete the task, the workspace you have and the tools you are likely to need will help enormously. making sure you have everything to hand and aren’t tempted to make do with the wrong tool.

Safety first

Using the right tool is an important safety tip. Whatever you are doing, using a device that is designed for that task reduces the risk of accidents that can cause damage or worse. But even when you have the right tool, there are still steps you should take.

Also make sure your tool isn’t damaged. If you have chips on the cutting edge, for example, then it’s the wrong tool, and it’s time to replace that blade. And you should also think about what and how you are cutting. Is there a risk of damaging something underneath? Or a danger to yourself or anything or someone nearby if you slip while cutting?

Experiment and enjoy

Whatever you are doing, don’t be afraid to experiment (within reason). You might not start using a jigsaw to cut card, but you might want to try different brands or styles of knife to find the one that works best for you. We have an enormous range for any tasks and preference. So take a look to find the tool exactly the right tool for you and your job.

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