GR8 Pro safety knives — one of the safest knives you can use

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GR8 Pro safety knives are some of the most unusual knives you might see. If you are used to blades that are largely exposed the hook of the GR8 pro might seem a little unusual, but once you’ve used one you might find the benefits of its innovative design make you wonder why you’ve waited so long.

The GR8 Pro safety knife is ideal for situations where you need to make cuts but cannot necessarily rely on having stable, or even any, cutting surface. Situations like warehousing, where boxes might need to be opened or collapsed or carpet fitting where cuts might have to be made with the carpet in place are bread-and-butter for the GR8 Pro.

The unique hook design brings several benefits over more traditional knife designs. It’s safer for what you are cutting and safer for you. The hook will, essentially, enclose the layer you are cutting. This means what you want cutting is pulled towards the blade, while things that you want to keep in one piece are kept well away. So if you are trying to cut some carpet in a tight corner, you can be confident you aren’t also cutting through the underlay.

The hook also makes it safer for you. By hooking onto a material, it reduces the risk of slippage. The leading edge of the hook will keep the blade close to the material being cut, you won’t be able to remove it without pushing the blade backwards, opposite to the cutting direction.

Finally, the cutting aperture is small and, relative to the blade, long. This means there isn’t an exposed blade that you can easily cut yourself or even snag on. It’s actually quite difficult to cut something with GR8 Pro safety knives except in the way it is designed to cut. It’s one of the safest knives you can buy.

Despite all the safety features the knife is remarkably easy to use. Simply hook the GR8 pro on to what you want and pull. Most GR8 Pro knives have handy additional features like a tape cutter and ring for a lanyard, so you can make sure that it’s always conveniently handy. They are robustly made, and suitable for left- and right-handed use. It is quick and easy to change the Sheffield stainless-steel blades, there’s even a separate tool available for blade changes.

We carry a range of GR8 Pro safety knives in a range of colours, as well as replacement blades. There is also have a food-safe version if you are working in an environment where food is present. We can ship anywhere in the world from our Sheffield warehouse, or you can collect if you are close.

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