Extend the life of your knives & blades

Posted by Chris Sugden on

If you often buy replacement blades, did you know you can probably save money by extending their life with proper care meaning you’ll need to buy replacement blades online less often? Proper care and maintenance is possible for most blades and can be relatively easy. Here’s how:

Clean your blades after use

It’s important to clean your knife or blades after use – even if does sometimes seem unnecessary or laborious. Even high-quality knives like the Stanley Fat Max, or the original Stanley 1992 blades won’t last forever, however, taking a bit of time and making the effort to clean the blades after use is important if you want to ‘eke out’ the most use from them.

Soap & water – it can be as simple as that!

Luckily, it can be pretty easy to keep your Stanley Knives or other blades in great working order. You can simply use a little soap and warm water to remove any debris or build-up of oils and grime that your blades may have accumulated after use.

Before cleaning your knives or blades, however, it may be best to detach the blade If possible and clean them separately as different handles may require a different type of care and maintenance. This is also important for detachable blades - when drying them, it’s important ensure no water or moisture has collected where the blade is inserted.

Dry thoroughly after cleaning

When using water to clean your knife blades, be sure to thoroughly dry your blades after cleaning them. This is because if left, water can sometimes cause oxidisation and corrosion if left in contact with the blade for too long. You must also ensure that the blade is rinsed properly after using soap to clean your knife, as soap suds can cause the metal to tarnish.

Try using a lint-free cloth when drying your blades. Lint-free cloth is specially designed not to give off fluff when used, and therefore means there won’t be any build-up of fabric particles when drying off your knives. This means your blades will stay fluff-free and completely clean as you dry them.

Replacement blades

However, there will be a point when you do need to replace your knives and blades. For a huge selection of replacement knives and blades online, remember to bookmark the Prime Tooling website. Visit www.prime-tooling.co.uk