A Great Range of Knives and Blades Available at Prime Tooling - Available for Industry, Woodworking, DIY and Crafts.

Posted by Chris Day on

Here at Prime Tooling, we pride ourselves on being one of the UK’s leading suppliers of high-quality knives and blades. We are the best place to buy woodworking tools online, having 30+ years experience of working with industry professionals and individuals seeking the best tools around. We always ensure to meet and exceed customer requirements, making us an established business to buy craft tools online from. With sharp pricing and sharp service every time you buy, here at Prime Tooling, we can help find the right tools for you.


Some of our most popular products are purchased by individuals looking for arts and crafts tools. Our extensive range of Swann Morton blades, all coming in packs of 50, are a bestseller. Along with these, our scalpel blades are made to suit all handles we supply, coming in a range of sizes to suit your craft needs. Made from stainless steel, these blades and handles are the first choice of many craftsmen. We supply our products globally, to four main areas – the UK, Europe, North America and the rest of the world. Shipping prices start as little as £2.95 across the UK.


Our Planer Blades by Machine Model are some of our best-selling woodworking tools. They are designed to fit popular brands of table-top and hand-help popular planers. Our tungsten carbide blades are made of a fine grain that is ground to a mirror finish. This creates the sharpest, keenest edges possible, ensuring you are fully satisfied with the product. Fitting to most large brand machinery, check blades will fit into yours before ordering.


At Prime Tooling, we are proud to be known as internationally renowned suppliers of our Trimming Knives. Our knives are locally produced in Sheffield, with its rich history of being a ‘Steel City’ and we are glad to continue progressing in such a significant industry. We supply our Trimming Knives around the world, passing on a steel tradition we firmly believe in.


To see our full range of knives and blades available to buy online, visit our homepage - www.prime-tooling.co.uk