Bear Grylls and his Stanley Knife

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Have you heard of Bear Grylls?  This intrepid explorer runs wild in scarily hostile environments for a living and has nothing but the clothes on his back and his Stanley Knife! Because Bear Grylls is so adept at extreme survival in extreme scenarios, he is now taking people on once in a lifetime experiences, known as the Bear Grylls Survival Academy.  this course promises to teach adults the basics of wild survival and amazingly, Bear has now come up with a family version, where everyone can get involved!

Bear Grylls and his Stanley Knife

Bear Grylls courses consist of learning many new skills essential for survival in the wilderness, which can include:

  • Survival Academy begins in Dibba (Oman, UAE) where all participants meet the instructors who are suitably dressed and looking the part in their Bear Grylls t-shirts, their Stanley Knives attached at their hips and boots tied ready for action.
  • All worldly possession removed, including everything participants were told to bring eg fleece, hat, chocolate bar…EVERYTHING! Then the participants packed their rucksacks with the items they were specifically provided with which included a sheet, roll mat, mosquito net, water bladder, headlamp, spade, harness, helmet and a bag of fish and kidneys.
  • The first walk in 30-degree heat began and if they reached a certain point within 30 minutes then participants received a Stanley Knife.
  • Scrambling
  • How to take advantage of shade
  • How to tackle steep climbs
  • How to make a pit-style solar still for water
  • First aid lessons – from sprained ankles to severe injuries
  • How to bind rucksacks together to make stretchers
  • How to make a makeshift carriage out of ropes
  • How to light fires using cotton wool, Vaseline, flint and steel
  • Fishing, gutting and cooking
  • Camping
  • Trying new foods, including skewered kidneys
  • Knots
  • Rock climbing

The essential piece of kit - the Stanley Knife

A Stanley Knife is an extra heavy duty, retractable, interlocking knife which can have either snap-off blades of non-segmented blades.  The body of the knife is made from die-cast metal but it is still very light and of course it is a very small item which takes up very little room in a rucksack or pocket, so ideal for expeditions, such as the Bear Grylls Survival Academy.  It has safety mechanism, too, to help stop you from cutting yourself.  These include a simple locking mechanism and a strong, durable, patented wedge lock which retains the blade in its intended position when in use.

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